When To Swap To Winter Tires

When To Swap To Winter Tires

Winter Tire Change in Hamilton, ON

When looking for a trusted place to have your winter tires installed, inspected, or changed, visit us at Dewildt Chrysler in Hamilton, Ontario. Our dealership strives to deliver excellent customer service to our local community, and we extend our support to clients from the surrounding areas of Stoney Creek, Burlington, and Grimsby. So regardless of whether your vehicle needs maintenance or tire services, we have you covered through our Service Centre.

Benefits Of Installing Winter Tires Through Our Dealership

Installing winter tires is the best way to ensure maximum traction and control as you venture through winter roads covered in snow, slush, and ice. However, you must also have your winter tire set installed properly to benefit from its added capabilities. Having a winter tire set installed every winter season can also save you money since you won't prematurely wear out your tires by driving them through unsuitable driving conditions. Our dealership can install your winter tires properly while giving you access to other services such as tire storage, alignment, rotation, and balancing.

When To Swap To Winter Tires

Since your winter tire set is designed to work best in winter conditions specifically, you must only install your set when the conditions permit. For example, you should only have winter tires on your vehicle when temperatures are below seven degrees Celsius since that's the ideal condition for the rubber compound of winter tires. However, if you fail to do so and attempt to use your set for driving through the summer season, the rubber compound of winter tires will be too soft, resulting in quicker wear and reduced traction.

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Be sure to contact us to learn more about winter tires and how they are designed to operate. Our experts are thrilled to help you learn more about vehicle maintenance, and you can book your tire service anytime to install your set onto your vehicle.

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