DeWildt Extended Warranty Service Contracts

Factory-backed "piece of mind" extended warranty protection for up to 7 years, or 160,000 kilometers!

Our commitment: The MAXIMUM in customer care!

Chrysler Service Contracts/ Extended Warranty can enhance your manufacturer warranty; see how much you can save!

Service Contract Quote

As complete as our new vehicle warranty is, it does not give you total protection for the typical ownership period of five years, nor does it provide the regular maintenance which is required to keep your new vehicle at its operating at its optimal condition. If you lease a vehicle you should be aware of your obligation to maintain and repair the vehicle.

Chrysler Service Contracts can enhance your new vehicles warranty right from the day of delivery and pick up where it leaves off, providing mechanical coverage for most major components, along with plans that provide basic maintenance and Tire Road Hazard Protection. There are 28 plans available to suit most needs for the average length of ownership. For peace of mind protection, our staff will assist you in selecting the plan that is right for you.

Many of our plans have a ZERO deductible. This means no surprises, no hidden costs, and no out of pocket expenses.

The Benefits of Chrysler Canada Service contracts include:

  • Convenience- When your vehicle needs servicing, take it to any participating Chrysler dealership throughout the U.S and Canada
  • Quality- Factory-trained service technicians use the latest diagnostic tools and Genuine Chrysler Parts
  • Options- Choose coverage and terms (years/kilometers) that match your needs
  • Components- Today's vehicles contain hundreds of components. We offer many different component coverage plans
  • Towing, Substitute Transportation, Trip & Travel Protection- When the unexpected happens, we've got you covered
  • No Paperwork- Chrysler pays the dealership directly so you don't have to worry about submitting claims and waiting for your money
  • Transferability- Sell your vehicle and transfer the plans remaining coverage to the next owner
  • Increased Re-sale Value- Having an active Chrysler Service Contract can mean your vehicle's value can increase by as much as $4000 when it comes time to selling your vehicle

If you do not have a New Vehicle for your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle we have extended service options as well.

All new-vehicle plans commence from the warranty start date (The original in-service date of the vehicle) and from zero metrage. Substitute transportation coverage begins on the date the contract is purchased, subject to acceptance by Chrysler Canada. Plan expiration is specified in your plan provision.

Eligible Vehicles

Chrysler Canada Inc. vehicles that have 3/60 Basic and 5/100 or 2002 model year with 7/115 Powertrain Warranty and are less than four years in service, and have accumulated fewer than 60,000 kilometers, except for the following: vehicles involved in an accident to the extent of becoming an insurance write-off; vehicles used to plough snow, used for towing or used in dump truck services; vehicles used off-road; vehicles altered or converted from specified original Chrysler equipment; motor homes; and vehicles not built to Canadian specifications (including all imported vehicles except those allowed by Chrysler Canada Inc.) or not registered in Canada. Vehicles used in competitive events, pulling a trailer that exceeds the rated capacity of the vehicle, or failing to adhere to the requirements for vehicles used to pull a trailer as outlined in the Owner's Manual are not eligible.

Personalized Terms and Conditions Welcome Kit

Upon receipt and acceptance of your application by Chrysler, as submitted by your selling dealership, you will be mailed a personalized welcome letter confirming your entitlement to the benefits of the contract you purchased, a member's card and the Terms and Conditions Outline. This will identify you and your vehicle to any Chrysler Retailer in Canada, or the United States, as being eligible for plan services for the period of the terms selected. The member's card is to be presented to the retailer when requesting plan services.

Owner's Responsibility

The owner's responsibility is to properly operate, care for and maintain the vehicle as prescribed in the Owner's Manual supplied by Chrysler with each new vehicle.

Plan Service/Toll-Free Number

Plan service will be provided by the retailer who sold you the plan. In the event that you cannot return to the selling retailer for service, you may request plan service from any Chrysler Retailer in the United States or Canada. If you are unable to obtain plan service from an authorized retailer, you can call the toll-free number to receive service instructions.